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White Simple Dress for Weddings

Although modern wedding dresses come in just any colors with many different styles, most brides still choose to wear a white dress. A white wedding dress symbolizes a new life that the bride and the groom will have. It has been a tradition to wear a white bridal gown since a century ago. Some people just feel that it is not a wedding if the bride does not wear a white gown. That is why white wedding dresses is still popular till this moment and will always be all in rage in the future. This classic value is irreplaceable. A white dress does not need to be ornate to look extravagant and formal. A white simple dress with minimum lace and frills can make a bold statement. Moreover, the simpler the dress is, the lower the price tag will be.

black and white simple dress

There are numerous benefits of wearing a white simple dress for a wedding. First, this white simple dress is never goes out of style. When you open your photo album in the future, you will never find your photos old fashioned. This simple, classic, and elegant dress, therefore, can be wear again and again. If you’d like to, you can keep the dress and give it your daughter so she can wear it in her wedding. Also, because the dress has a simple cut and design, it can be worn for other occasions such as cocktail party or other formal events. Another benefit, as mentioned previously, is the money-saving. A simple dress is easy to make and it does need extra fabrics. That is why the price will be not expensive.

long white simple dress

Because of its simplicity, you should add some accents to the white simple dress. If you want to give a vintage touch, for example, you can wear vintage-inspired things that you can find in antique or thrift stores. Or, you can see whether you have wear things from your family heirloom such as a ring or brooch. If you throw a beach wedding celebration, place a fresh tropical flower behind your ear. After all, finding a simple white dress is not easy. It is because the dominant wedding dresses in the market are still those with lace, tulle, and sweeping fabric. If you do not find any, consider some bridesmaid dresses. You do need to go to an exclusive boutique. Other sources to shop for this dress are auction sites and high-street stores. If necessary, you can alter the dress you’ve bought from the stores.

short white simple dress

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