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Long Red Prom Dresses and Their Best Makeup to Wear

Every dress style needs its own way to stand out. The wearer can use many things like using accessories, combining some colors, and wearing the right makeup. It also happens when we wear long red prom dresses. Here we will find out how to wear makeup for such dresses. You know, the makeup style depends not only from the color of the dress but also the specific style we want to create by wearing the dress. By applying certain makeup style, the bright red dress will look even more appealing. Although there are many makeup styles that go well with red dress, the key is only one that is to keep makeup simple. Bold makeup will compete with the red.

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Let’s first try Hollywood style. As all we know, celebrities often sport long red prom dresses in a red carpet event. If you notice, their make is very simple and natural while they are wearing red dress. Because their makeup is natural, we can easily recognize who they are. It is because the makeup does not change the look of your face. There are three basic ways to apply Hollywood styled makeup. They are softly defined eyes, red lips, and flawless skin. This makeup is perfect for parties or photos. There are some tips to stand out with your red dress. First, the color of the dress should be the same as that of the lips. You know, there are some shades of reds. Make sure the lips and the dress have exactly the same color. Avoid smoky eyeliner. Instead, a few individual lashes and well-brushed mascara are enough to define your eyes. Remember, clean definition is the key for Hollywood style.

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Long red prom dresses also offer an opportunity to go classic. If you are interested in this look, try retro style from 1950s. Unlike Hollywood style which looks more modern, in retro style, you need not match the lips with the dress. As long as they have complimentary shade, it will be okay. For the eyes, wear heavy black lashes, especially if you wear a strong ‘50s hairstyle. Power dressing style from 1980s is another inspiration to wear your red dress. Do you remember a TV show, Miami Vice? Here the actresses wear power makeup from the ‘80s with a polished of metallic red gloss or lipstick and smudgy eyes, the red outfit looks very gorgeous. In addition, red polished nails perfect the look.

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