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Peacock Short Dress: The Extravagance of Colors

Being unique is a way to attract people’s attention. Find a unique idea is not easy especially if we want to look unique in a beautiful way. There are a lot of ways to go unique. One of them is by wearing a peacock short dress. It offers both unique and style. This dress is unique because it displays the most beautiful color combination. Usually peacock dress comes in combination of blues, greens, purples, and violets. These are the colors of peacocks’ feathers. As we know, peacocks are one of the most beautiful birds in the world. Although these creatures are not found anywhere, they are quite famous because of their beautiful feathers that other creatures do not have. Usually people adding some bronzes or gold to the peacock blue so the dress is even more astonishing. The uniqueness and beauty of peacock dress will create a visual delight for all guests so you will stand out.

peacock print short dress

As a peacock short dress is already vivid, bright, shiny, you should not overwhelm it with unnecessary accessories and makeup. Avoid gleaming accessories as they will just compete with the dress. Even many stylists recommend to not to wear any jewels at all. Well, a pair of earrings is acceptable. If you want to wear a hair accessory, you can still do so by wearing peacock feather hair clips. For the makeup, do as simple as you can. Neutral or nude lips with peacock blue eyeshadow are the best way to go with peacock dress. For shoes, you can either wear flats or heels. Wear shoes which have a color of peacock feather. To complete your outfit, carry a peacock feather printed clutch. Avoid adding other colors that do not reflect peacock feathers. Adding black is still acceptable.

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Because a peacock short dress is becoming very popular now, many people start to wear it for a wedding. Peacock wedding theme mix elegance and fun at the same time. For such wedding, the brides usually keep wearing a white gown but she adds some hues of majestic teals or blue. In a peacock wedding theme, peacock colors and feathers are not only used for the wedding dress but also for the decoration, invitation, and even the wedding cake. If you want to mesmerize your guests, try this wedding theme. I bet your wedding will be full of extravagance. As a result everyone will always keep it in their memory.

peacock feather short dress

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