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Men Waves Hair Tips

Men waves hair is a popular hairstyle especially for black men and African-American community. It is often called as 360 waves. The hair is cropped very close to the head. It looks a lot like a Caesar cut styling. This hairstyle is favorable for men because it is visually tempting and fairly easy to maintain. Are you interested in this hairstyle? If you really are, then you go to the right site. There are some useful tips from preparation to maintenance for those planning to style their hair in 360-degree angles. This hairstyle requires healthy hair and scalp. If you find problem with your hair or scalp such as dandruff, hair loss, or dry scalps, treat these problem first. Luckily, since men’s hair is typically short, it is easy to treat. After you feel you hair is healthy enough, you can begin the wave process. For the best result, you hair must be at least 1.5 inches in length.  

men waves haircuts

Make sure you use the right tools and products to build the men waves hair. Use hand brushes which are half synthetic bristle and half boar bristle. You can buy them in a cosmetic counter. Although they are more expensive than standard brushes, they can make the waves provide more control. A doo-rag is another important thing keep and holds your waves in place when you are sleeping or doing activities. You also need styling cream and mild shampoo for daily use. In the morning, brush your hair while your hair is hydrated. Start with your top head from the crown forward. Then, brush the back of the head, from the crown down to the nape. Finally, move to the sides of your head from the crown and diagonally towards the cheeks. Brush for at least 40 strokes for each part.

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Men waves hair requires maintenance to keep the waves in place. Set a brushing routine to develop a natural pattern of the waves. Brush your hair as explained above every single morning after you get up. Do not forget to apply styling cream that also can moist your hair. Moisture is useful to make your scalp hydrated. Another important thing to remember is to wear your doo rag to prevent the waves from rubbing out of place or getting trampled. It also prevents from getting damaged. Anytime you want to have your hair cut, tell your hair stylist that you want to style your hair in360-degree angled waves, so he will apply the right cutting techniques.

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