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Modern Victorian Dresses for Wedding

Victorian wedding is a good choice for brides who are wishing to have a formal wedding which is elegant and classic. When we hear the word Victorian, automatically we will thing that it must deal with something traditional. However, Victorian or vintage wedding is not always identical with something old or traditional. As this style always develops, it is often modified to look more contemporary to suit this modern era. When you plan a Victorian wedding with a modern touch, the most important thing is to think about the modern Victorian dresses you are going to wear in the special event. The proper choice of the wedding gown can really resemble the Victorian theme you set for the occasion. Traditionally, Victorian style dresses come in white dresses which incorporate organza, silk, tulle, and lace. Such dresses were popularized by Queen Victoria, the queen of the time period. However, as stated previously, the style is modified in more modern flair. That is why the models of Victorian dresses are more varied today. Although they employ modern flair, the Victorian style is still obviously seen.

modern victorian wedding dresses

In order to get the sense of Victorian theme, choose a white dress with a full skirt. In Victorian era, the brides usually wore a corset or a chemise as undergarments. But today not many women like to do so as such undergarments are considered not practical. Apart from white dresses, pink and blue dresses were also popular at that period. If you do not want to wear white dresses, go for these colors, then. Design your modern Victorian dresses with fitted bodices and full, deluxe ball gown skirts as these features can highlight the style. While Victorian dresses often incorporate full sleeves, you can exclude this feature for the modern dress unless your wedding is in a winter month.

modern victorian style dress

Typically, true Victorian dresses are expensive because they are often made of superior fabrics and materials. Besides, the making process is also more difficult than the modern ones. This makes such dresses have high price. If you have a small budget for your wedding as well as for the dress, try to shop at secondhand clothing stores. You can modernize the dress you buy from the store by dying the fabric of the dress black. Pair your modern Victorian dresses with gold or pearl jewelry and do not forget to add flowers to your hair. As the dress is long, you do need to think much about what shoes to wear. Any shoes work.

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