Hawaii Fancy Dress for Women for Parties

hawaiian fancy dress for women uk

Spending time in Hawaii, joining Luaus party, and having time at the beautiful beach is the dream everyone has. Because it sounds very fun, Hawaiian party becomes one of the most popular themes for many fun parties. The Hawaiian atmosphere can be built from the music, food, and of course the dress code. The question is what to wear in ... Read More »

Plus Size Prom Dresses that Flatter your Figure

evening dress plus size uk

Right now, selecting flattering plus size prom dresses is no longer a daunting task. It is because a greater concern toward plus size women so, there are a lot of dresses designed especially for them. However you should select the one with the right shapes and materials that flatter your large figure. The easies why to know that a dress ... Read More »

Chinese Traditional Dress Types

chinese traditional dress for girls

Chinese traditional dress often becomes inspiration for many designers to make a beautiful dress which can be worn on a daily basis. Chinese dresses have some typical characteristics such as elaborate design and full of color. Although most of these traditional dresses are seldom worn as a daily wear, even for Chinese women, people anywhere are inspired with their delicate ... Read More »

Dress for Girls Age 10 for Party

party dresses for girls age 10

Looking for the perfect birthday party dress four your 10 years old daughter? Just like adults, a dress for a little girl means a representation of their confidence, feeling, and personality. One thing for sure is always to involve your daughter in the selection process. Take her to the department store and allow her to choose he own dress. What ... Read More »

Maxi Dress Outfits for summer

maxi dress outfits tumblr

When summer is coming, women are getting busy to find for new outfits. One of the favorite fashion staple for this season is maxi dress outfits. This dress is designed to be flowing. This casual dress typically extends beyond the knee. There are some tips to wear this dress. The most important thing is to consider the length. As previously ... Read More »

Plus Size Formal Hairstyle for Women with a Round Face

plus size formal hairstyles

Plus size women usually have a round and chubby face. Most of them feel unconfident with their chubby cheeks, chin, and neck. Sometimes, these women find it difficult to find plus size formal hairstyle that can make their large facial area looks slimmer. Luckily, you can play some tricks and tips to make your face appear not only slimmer but ... Read More »

Simple Long Hair Updo that Looks Fabulous

simple long hair updos

All women will agree that long hair updo is fabulous. However, not many of them know simple long hair updo that can be done easily without spending a lot of time and money. In fact, creating hair updo is not really difficult. There is no need to go to a salon to create a pretty updo. Forget about straightening or ... Read More »

Natural Hair with Highlights Care and Treatments

natural hair with highlights tumblr

Are you planning to highlight your natural hair color? Well, highlights indeed can add a zing to your hair, making you look fresh and young. New hair color is the easiest and the most effective way to create a new hairstyle. But, you should understand that hair dye is one of the major factors that cause hair damage especially if ... Read More »

Very Light Blonde Hair Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

very light brown hair with blonde highlights

While some people with light natural brown hair want to darken their hair, some others whose hair already dark want to lighten it up with very light blonde hair highlights. Such blonde highlights are indeed the perfect solution to add extra contrast and depth while brightening up your dark brown hair. These highlights are a kind of extreme highlight because ... Read More »