Victorian Long Dresses for Wedding

victorian long dresses style

The Victorian time is famously known as the time of fashion industrial improvement and culture reforms. During this period, artistic fashion styles were born. It includes the Victorian long dresses for wedding. This kind of dress was very popular for wedding celebration. Now, it is still popular although it is not widely used anymore. Victorian dresses are considered as sophisticated ... Read More »

Victorian Lilac Dresses Brings an Elegant Touch to Weddings

Victorian lilac wedding dresses

Color is an important element to personalize a wedding. Every color has its own meaning and can give particular effect. For example reds and purples add drama while soft pinks offer sweetness. If you want to add a touch of elegances, you can consider Victoria lilac. This color can be used for either bride’s dress or bridesmaid dress. Victorian lilac ... Read More »

Victorian Dresses Gothic for Wedding

Victorian Gothic dress up

Victorian dresses gothic is known for Halloween event. In fact, this dress is also getting popular to be used as a wedding dress. It is because gothic style is inspired by the Romantic Movement in the Victorian era. Victorian gothic fashion can somehow give the impression of being a little bit ominous, redolent of the dark streets of London in ... Read More »

Camo Wedding Ring: Fashionable and Versatile

camo wedding ring sets

Camo wedding ring is a new innovative option for couples who are getting married. Camo stands for camouflage. Do you know about this pattern? You may have known that usually these rings are worn by military men or couples who enjoy outdoor living. There are several designs of camo rings. One of the most popular one is Wetland Camo. This ... Read More »

Pink Camo Wedding Rings with Natural Patterns

pink camo wedding rings with real diamonds

Everything about wedding is special. One of the special things about wedding is the ring. To celebrate the joyous moment in life, the bride and groom should find unique ideas for their wedding ceremony and party. In selecting for a wedding ring, for example, many unique ring styles are available to select. Right now, people begin interested in camo wedding ... Read More »

Wedding Ring Tattoos in Trendy Styles

wedding ring tattoos designs

Just like wedding diamond ring, a ring tattoo also symbolizes commitment of married couple. Many years ago, ring tattoos were only worn for those whose occupations do not allow them to wear a wedding band for safety reasons such as in the military or factory work. In non-traditional wedding, wedding ring tattoos become increasingly popular. Some couples no longer wear ... Read More »

Wedding Ring Finger Placement

wedding ring finger women

Rings always appear in a wedding as a symbol of the commitment. The bride and groom change their rings to represent the vow. Sometimes people get confused to place the wedding ring. There are different opinions on this placement. But of course among the differences, there is always one way to wear the wedding bands correctly. To discuss this it ... Read More »

Titanium Wedding Rings: A Great Alternative to Platinum or Gold

titanium wedding rings uk

All of us know that the best metals for wedding rings are gold or platinum. These two metals are widely used for engagement rings. People opt for either gold or platinum because it is hard so the ring can be worn in daily basis. The price, however, is expensive, especially for platinum rings. If you think so, why don’t you ... Read More »

Celtic Wedding Rings Designs

celtic wedding rings tungsten

Have you been familiar with Celtic wedding rings? Perhaps you know just a little about Celtic rings because when it comes to wedding rings, people usually think about diamond rings. Celtic ring is originated from Britain and Ireland where Celtic people lives and keep their ancient culture, faith, and mythology. There is a Christianity touch in the design because of ... Read More »

Diamond Wedding Rings in Cheaper Price

diamond weddinh rings uk

Diamond wedding rings are expensive because they are durable and of course timelessly beautiful.  But, there are often fake diamond found in the market. It is a disaster if you spend a lot of money because you are careless you get the fake one. You are lucky to find this article because there several tips here that can help you ... Read More »