Camo Dress Short for Dance in a Wedding Reception

camo dress short for dances 2013

There must be dancing session in a wedding reception. It can be group or couple dances. The music varies from one genre to another such as swing, hip-hop, R&B, electric slide dance, and many more. In order to dance flawlessly, if course you should wear a dress that does not ruin your movement. One of the ideas is to wear ... Read More »

Blush Vera Wang Wedding Dress for Romantic Bride

vera wang blush organza wedding dress

One of the dreams of a bride-to-be is to wear a dress designed by world-class designers like Vera Wang or Carolina Herrera. Although designer dresses are never cheap, a lot of brides-gonna-be are willing to spend a lot of money for the dresses. One of the inspired dresses for those who want to look lovely and romantic is blush Vera ... Read More »

Peacock Dresses for Prom to Draw Attention

peacock dresses for homecoming

What comes to my mind when someone says about Peacock bird is its beautiful and sparkling feathers. This bird is quite rare. We cannot find this wonderful bird everywhere. This bird is only found in Birmingham, Indonesia, in China. In other places, you may find it but not in a large population. I am sure you know how Peacocks look. ... Read More »

Pretty Short Pink Prom Dresses for Young Girls

pretty short prom dresses 2012

My favorite color is pink. Pink always become the most favorite color for many girls. They often wear dresses in this color because pink symbolizes femininity and love. I love this bright color because the color is soft and pleasing to eye. That is why I have a lot of dresses and accessories in this color. Next week I am ... Read More »

Beautiful Formal Short Dress for Prom

Beautiful formal short dresses

Long dresses are more favorable to be worn at prom night than short dresses. Most women think that long gowns are more elegant and formal. In fact, short dresses can also be as elegant and as formal as the long ones if chosen considerably. Beautiful formal short dress comes in many classy ideas. Keep your dress simple to get the ... Read More »

Red Cheetah Prom Dress to Create Bold Statement

high low cheetah red prom dress

Generally prom dresses come without any prints. Wearing a prom dress in animal prints, in fact, can add bold statement. As long as the right prints are selected, animal printed prom dress can look elegant and sexy. There are some ideas of animal print such as leopard, zebra, and cheetah. Among all of those prints, the most favorite one is ... Read More »

Smart Casual Dress Code for Ladies

smart casual dress code for women

The term smart casual is originated from America. This dress code debuted in the beginning of 1920s. At that time what’s called by smart casual was a sleeveless dress with ¾ loose blouses. Now, there are various interpretations for this dress code. One thing for sure is that smart casual dress code is defined as polished but informal. It sticks ... Read More »

Formal Dresses with Sleeves for Winter Occasions

formal dresses with sleeves 2013

Generally people throw a party in summer or spring because these seasons have warm weather, making them perfect time for any party. However, some people also have parties and gathering in winter. The chill and snow give a special sensation to the occasion. If you are invited for a formal occasion in winter season, what will you wear? You should ... Read More »

Sunday Dress for Teenagers to Look Awesome

sunday dress for teenagers picture

Sunday dress for teenagers means casual dress worn outside schools. On Sunday they do not go to school, that is why the dress is called Sunday dress. Usually in the holiday, teenagers do not just stay at home. They have a lot of activities to do at home. Most girls spend their school-day-off by hanging out together with some friends. ... Read More »

Party Dress Patterns in Floral and the Best Shoes for them

party dress patterns for women

While plain dresses without patterns are worn for formal events, the patterned ones can be worn the casual occasions. There are a lot of dress patterns such as animal patterns, floral patterns, polka dots, stripes, and many more. Among all those patterns, the most favorite one among women is the floral patterns. The wide variety of floral patterns creates a ... Read More »