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Pretty Cross Tattoo for Women: Symbols and Interpretation

Cross tattoo originally comes from Christianity symbol. As there are a lot of Christians who have this tattoo, including women, the demand of pretty cross tattoo for women is increasing. The most famous design of cross tattoo is Celtic design which has several different meanings. According Stephen Walker, a world class jewelry designer, the cross itself, is inspired by Druid phallic symbols. The center of the tattoo has a circle with stands for eternity. Based on Druid symbol, this halo is also a symbol of the sun. Hate groups see the Celtic cross tattoo as a representation of white supremacy. Other people may have different interpretation, too, depending on their beliefs. There are some designs of Celtic cross tattoo which look very pretty. Each design has its own symbol and meaning. While Hate groups interpret this tattoo design as a white supremacy symbol, the Anti-Hate reclaims it.

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According to the Anti-Hate, the Celtic pretty cross tattoo for women symbolizes multiculturalism. The different minority of ethnic group is represented by the four points of the cross. The circle in the center symbolizes the earth. It means that on earth, there are some different groups but these groups are connected one to another. Christian capitalists see Celtic cross tattoo as a symbol of God and mammon. Christian capitalists turn the symbol to something that shows their interest in the value of money. The cross represents the hundred-dollar bills while the circle is seen as gold coin. Tattoo artists already understand this symbol very much. They usually use the arabesque designs as seen in the U.S. paper money.  Some others may design the tattoo in a little bit different way with the same meaning.

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The idea of east meets west is also popular. Eastern symbol is full of mysticism that the Western often adopt. The circle of the Celtic cross tattoo can be turned into a yin-yang symbol. In this design, the cross is often surrounded with a water dragon image. According to the Far East, the combination of a water dragon and the four point tattoo represent the four elements namely earth, sky, underworld, and water. This pretty cross tattoo for women shows the solidification of East and West connection. It looks very pretty because the image of the dragon water. Creative and knowledgeable tattoo artists sometimes add flames from the snout of the dragon or swirls of the water to make the design more attractive.

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