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Small Tattoo for Girl for Beginners

Tattoos were once considered to e extremely eccentric and even rebellious. At the moment, tattoos are seen as a part of fashion style. More women are getting tattoos. There is no longer negative perception that insults them. But still, women tend to choose small tattoo designs especially for those who are making tattoo for the first time. Small tattoos can be concealed easily under professional clothing. So, you don’t need to worry to come to the office or other professional place. Moreover, small tattoos are usually placed in hidden area such as lower back or shoulder. Just like other tattoos, small tattoo for girl should be meaningful. Name or initials can be a good idea for tiny tattoo. It is different from words tattoos. Words tattoos can be very long and require a larger area. The designs can be bigger because words tattoos also incorporate some decoration to complement the letter. Name of initials, however, only consist of some letters or one short word. Thus, it is an ideal option for small tattoo.

small tattoo for girls on hip

If you are confused to choose design, think about a zodiac sign. This is a good idea because as a birth sigh, your zodiac will say something about you. Different zodiacs may need different places. Aquarius sign, for example, looks best on the ankle. Meanwhile the scale design of Libra looks very attractive on the shoulder or upper back area. Zodiac tattoos are never big. They look attractive in small design. They can incorporate black ink, colorful ink, or a combination of black and colorful ink. For beginners, you can try this idea. You can have it designed in either modest or ornate style. Some girls tend to choose something feminine. Flower tattoo can be a small tattoo for girl. Flower tattoos may contain two up to three shades. Ideas for flower tattoos include pink hibiscus which looks very pretty, brown tiger lily, or vibrant red rose. Just like zodiac tattoos, different flowers need different tattoo placement to stand out. Small rose, for instance, looks the most beautiful on shoulder while orange iris looks pretties on the back of the neck.

small tattoo for girls ideas

Girls can also choose their favorite things to be incorporated in the design. Every girl has her own interest. If she loves shopping, an image of shopping bags or shoes will look cute. Other favorite things like pets, pens, gadget, etc that show their hobby and interest can be the idea of small tattoo for girl.

small tattoo for girls on shoulder

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