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Words Tattoo Design Ideas For You

Tattooing has been common for centuries. The designs are not only an object but also words, phrases, or sentences. Although an object or a thing is able to represent something, something we need to add words to make the meaning clear. Even some people use only words. Usually the words tattoo shows their philosophy. It can be taken from a poem, inspiring quote, or even a lyric of a favorite song. If you are interested with words tattoo design but still do not have any idea of what words to be put on your body, you can search from poems or lyrics. Many beautiful words can be found here. Just pick your favorite ones. Usually if people like a certain poem or song, it is because the poem or song has a special meaning for them. It is not a problem if the words are long and hard to read. With the help of a creative tattoo artist, the words can be arranged into a beautiful and eye-pleasing way. Depending on the length of the words, your artist will also suggest the best placement for the tattoo. So, be free to find your idea.

words tattoo design ideas

Some people tattoo their name or the name of loved ones, friends, or family. The word will be very simple as names usually only consist of one to three words. This words tattoo design can be placed everywhere because it is short so it does not take a lot of space. For fathers or mothers, tattooing their kids’ name on their back of chest shows their pride toward the kids. Usually the names are accompanied by the birth date of the kids or their footprints. You can also tattoo your body with the name of someone whom you adore and respect or those who make a big influence to your life.

words tattoo designs for women

Another inspiration comes from culture and heritage. There are numerous cultures in the world. You can either have words tattoo from your own culture to show your pride of from other culture to show your respect. If you can find your personal expression and inspiration to be written and used as a tattoo, it will be a better idea. This personal words tattoo design is very motivating. For example, you can write your dream so wherever you go you will remember your dream and try to pursue it. Actually the words can be just anything as long as they are meaningful for you and represent yourself.

words tattoo designs for girls 

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