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Semi Formal Matching Dresses for Women

Sometimes we find it challenging to select semi formal matching dresses merely because the event is neither formal nor casual. It is in between. That is what makes dress selection difficult. The key to select what to wear is actually to follow some simple rules as explained below. Actually women have a lot of clothing options when they want to go for semi-formal dress. It can be a tailored dressy suit or simple and less casual cocktail dress. One of the most favorite’s semi formal dresses is a little black dress. Usually this dress is worn for cocktail party. It looks classic. Everybody loves to wear it. Some other women, on the other hand, opt to wear a pantsuit. This is another great idea as long as the pantsuits are well tailored otherwise you will look a little but sloppy. Meanwhile, feminine women tend to wear a pair of skirt and dress. Typically the skirts are knee-length. Ankle-length skirts are also acceptable.

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Bear in mind not to wear floor length dresses as they are too formal. Also, avoid minidress. This is too casual. The most important thing is to keep everything clean and neat so that you will look amazing in the semi formal matching dresses. For the shoes, medium to high heels are the best idea. Avoid sneakers or flat sneakers. It is better to look closer to formal than that to informal. In order to complete your semi formal outfit, jewelry should not be ignored. It really enhances your overall outfit. But, do not wear too much pieces, especially if they are gaudy. Find simple pieces yet shining enough when they are worn at your body.

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Although it is not one of the key rules, sometimes the materials of your dress affect the level of formality. For semi formal style, some materials are recommended like cashmere, satin, and wool crepe. At least do not think of wearing denim which is too casual. Following the rules above is important to make sure you dress well. Sometimes people are just either over or underdressed. If they know the guidelines for semi formal matching dresses, their outfit will be eye-pleasing. As a final touch, do not forget to carry a small clutch or handbag. If the dress you are wearing reveals your shoulders, adding shawls or pashmina to cover them is another nice addition. Moreover, they will give a splash of color, too.

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