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Short Feather Dresses for Special Occasions

Feather has been used as material for dresses since the last decade. Even, it became one of the biggest trends a couple years ago. Feather dresses, therefore, are getting mushroomed. They often appear in special occasions and are available in any high street shops. Many designer dresses are often seen in catwalks and red carpet events. Designers like Christian Cota and Alexander McQueen, for example, are famed for their collection of feather dresses. Feather dresses are favorable because they are perfect for every season especially summer and spring. Fashionista predict that the popularity of feather dresses will be increasing in some years ahead. It means that the dresses can be a worthy investment. Feather dresses are available in many styles. You can find them either in long or short hem. As feather can be a little bit heavy, people usually prefer short feather dresses to the long ones.

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Depending on the style, short feather dresses can look elegant and refined to provocative sexy. The dresses can be worn for casual to formal occasions. The price varies depending on the quality if feathers, the fabrics, and the additional materials used for making the dress. The texture of feather can make you stand out in the occasion. When you shop for feather dresses, make sure the feathers have good quality. Select dresses which have soft feathers so you will feel comfortable wearing the dress. For your information, bad quality feathers can cause allergy to sensitive skin.

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Short feather dresses are perfect for numerous special occasions such as Christmas, prom, and homecoming. The most popular style is high-low dress. This dress style features a sweetheart strapless neckline, usually embellished with sequins, and high-low feather skirt. The dress typically has bright colors such as blue, pink, and white. Complete your look with earring and necklaces, hair pieces, and clutch bags. You can add feathers to these accessories. But, make sure the amount of feather is not abundant otherwise you will be overwhelmed with the feathers. Feather dresses can be either made of real feather or fake feather. Those made of real feather are generally more expensive. But, some people like fake feather better than real feather because they just don’t want to have fluffy feather look. Chiffon, organza, or silk feathers can be the alternative of real feathers. Even, there are dresses which are not made of feathers at all but they have feather prints.

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