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A-Line Lace Wedding Dress Characteristics

Many women love to wear A-line dress. This type of dress fits the body from chest to waist, than becomes wider from below the hips to the hem, creating “A” letter shape. That is why it is called an A-line dress. Because of its shape, this dress is often worn by women who have problems in their waist and legs area. A-line dress is often called as princess cut dress. This dress is considered versatile and timeless. It is versatile because it can be worn for both casual and formal affairs. It is timeless because this type of dress has been existed since a century ago and will still be in vogue for many years to come. No wonder of many dress wear A-line dress. This dress is often combined with lace to create a sense of elegance. A-line lace wedding dress is beautiful and it fits a lot of women’s body. Moreover the skirt that flares out toward the hem offer comfort to the wearer.

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A-line lace wedding dress comes in any lengths from knee to ankle length. It is flattering to most brides because it defines the waistline thus create a slimming effect. In other words this dress can be worn by just anyone. This is the main reason why this dress is so popular. Short women or those having a wide waist can benefit from A-line cut dress as it generates a lean, long, linear look. You have a higher chance to look great in this dress. So, of you feel your bottom part of your body is too big or large, then, A-line cut dress is the best solution. You know, no one wants to reveal their weaknesses. With the addition of lace, the wedding dress will be very pretty.

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Typically A-line lace wedding dress is made of charmeuse silk. In this high quality fabric, your dress will flow perfectly. Moreover, silk work well with lace and other details as well. A-line wedding dress also looks great in satin. Embellish the dress with lace over the bodice or over the top only. Incorporate beadwork to make the dress more extravagant. For the design, it all depends on the formality of the wedding. For church wedding, usually brides should wear long sleeve gown. To add style, wear a V neck dress with transparent long lace sleeves. For less formal wedding, you have more options like a strapless dress, for example.

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