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White Victorian Style Dresses for Wedding

When planning a wedding party, you should first decide the style or the theme of the party. Things like decoration, cake, entertainment, dresses, are then selected based on the theme. If the theme is outdoor beach wedding, everything will be arranged to suit that theme. For traditional wedding, which is a kind of formal wedding, you should also prepare everything based on the formal traditional setting. For this kind of wedding usually the bride wears white Victorian style dresses. As all we know, one of the major preparations for wedding is to prepare for the wedding gown. The bride and the groom will be the center of attention in the wedding, just like the main casts in a movie. Therefore, the bride should dress up well. Although the dress is traditional, it does not mean if the dress can’t look gorgeous.

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If you are interested to wear white Victorian style dresses in your wedding, of course you need to know what the dress is like. The dress is totally different from many modern dresses. Victorian dresses are easy to recognize, though. The style is very modest. The modesty is seen from the fabric, neckline, sleeves, and length. Don’t ever expect to wear bare shoulders bride dresses. Most of Victorian dresses have full sleeves. Traditional wedding is supposed to take place in a church where it is not allowed for the bride to show much skin. However, there are also some dresses having ¾ length sleeves or even cap sleeves.  Your cleavage should also be covered with high neckline. Usually the dress features scooped neckline. Other popular necklines are square and round necklines. Victorian dress is also known for its Basque cut which highlights the waistline. That is why the dress is best worn by women with hourglass figure. In this flattering-cut dress, the women will look slimmer.

white victorian style dresses for wedding

You can buy white Victorian style dresses and the accessories from vintage shops in your area. It is even better to meet a designer or seamstress who is knowledgeable about making Victorian dress. By having the dress tailored, you can combine the Victorian style with modern style. For example, you can add embellishments by using sequins or lace fabrics. The real Victorian dresses did not have such embellishments. Or, you can just play with the fabrics to suit your comfort. Cotton and nylon are often used because they give a good shape to the dress and give comfort as well.

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