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Wedding Updo Hairstyles: Tips to Choose the Most Flattering One

Wedding hairstyle is as important as a wedding gown. Although there are a lot of wedding updo hairstyles such as chignon, French twist, messy updo, and the like, sometimes it becomes a hard decision to choose the most flattering one, especially if the brides want to do the style themselves. If you have longer hair, the task will even get more difficult. There are some factors that need to be considered when selecting a hairstyle. The first one is about the time. Wedding updos, especially the intricate ones, takes time. Therefore, think about the time you have to design the updo. If the ceremony is held in the very early morning, perhaps you only have one to two hours to style your hair. So, choose simple updo like chignon, for example. Or less, you can get up earlier and consider other styles.

wedding updo hairstyles with braids

The matter of time is the most important factor in deciding the wedding updo hairstyles. You should know well the shape of your face. This factor is very important to put into account because different shape of face may need different hairstyle. For example a round face needs a hairstyle that can create a slenderizing illusion. The shape of the shape will also influence whether you need to add bangs or not and if you do, what type of bangs is the most suitable. Sometimes what looks good in other people is not that flattering to you merely because you have different shape of face.

wedding updo hairstyles with fringe

It is a good idea if you are exposed to various inputs of wedding updo hairstyles. Scroll through websites to find pictures of wedding hairstyles. In addition, page through wedding magazines for more inspiration. As mentioned above, focus on the models’ face. If the face shape is different from yours, may be the particular hairstyle will be unflattering for you. So, find the pictures of hairstyles with the models having the same shape as yours. As you are supposed to style your hair your own, learn the steps very well. Do not forget to prepare equipment and styling products you need to do the style. Make sure everything is available on your counter one day before the wedding. Practices make perfect. A few days prior to the wedding, it is recommended for you to have a trial of your wedding updo. When you do the trial, wear also your veil, tiara, or other accessories that you are going to wear in the wedding.

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