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Wedding Updos Black Women Ideas and Tips

Wedding updos are the most popular hairstyles among brides including for black women. However, black women typically have thick dry hair and it can be challenging to style. So, if you want to do wedding updos black women, the hair hour should be threatened first. At least a month prior to the wedding, you should start taking care of your hair. Wash it at least once a week. Apply moisturizer after washing. If there is any split ends, cut them out regularly. By taking care of your hair, it will be easier to get it styled in the due date. Whether you have natural hair, straightened hair, or permed hair, there are always some ideas for wedding updos. To decide which updo style that is flattering for your wedding look, consult with your stylist.

wedding hair updos black women

Most of black women have curly or wavy hair. Some of them tend to have it straightened. For such straight hair, the ideas of wedding updos black women include high buns, French twists, and half-updos. Keep the updos to last all day by hold a hairspray on it. If you think you need to use some hair clips, choose the ones whose colors match your hair color. Before creating the updo, smooth any hair strays buy using a lightweight gel. After then, twist hair or pull the hair up to create a high bun. For half updos, pull partial hair up, leaving half part of your hair. You can add texture by curling the tips of the back hair. Do it by using rollers or a curling iron. Actually styling straight hair is fairly easy. The only problem is that sometimes straightened hair is flat, lacking of volume. To make the hair more voluminous, you can add extension to it.  

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As mentioned previously the original texture of black women hair is mostly curly. Many black women are proud with their natural hair. It can be loosely curly or tightly coiled. The same updos as explained above for straight hair can be applied for this curly hair, too. While it can be very quick styling straight hair, you may need longer time to style natural. Another idea for wedding updos black women is braids. Braid updos are always in vogue. Make a French twist and pull it up. Use plenty of hair clips to secure it in place. If you don’t wear a veil, there will be some space for hair accessories. Consider ribbon, decorative pins, flowers, and other pieces to add interest.

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