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Blonde Highlights in Brown Hair: Things to Consider

Many women with brown hair often add blonde highlights to make their natural hair looks lively. Highlights according to many hairstylists are sophisticated and sexy. Highlight is the best attention getter for those who want to make a new look. I think everybody agree with me. Blonde highlights are gorgeous and famous. In addition they are versatile. Blonde highlights in brown hair can suit any hair cut from long to short, from curly to straight, from layered to taper. But these highlights are not for everyone. It looks best for women having fair complexion with pink undertone. Those with green or blue eyes look more beautiful in this hairstyle. But, these highlights are not recommended for women with yellow undertones as the skin will be washed out with the blonde highlights. To make sure if blonde highlight is suitable for your brown hair, you can consult to a hairstylist or you can go to a wig shop. There are a lot of brown hair wig with blonde highlights to try. See how you look.

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Blonde highlights in brown hair come in several hues. You should get the right hue. Don’t go too light since the contrast of dark brown and light blonde looks not really smooth. Decide how much blonde you want. A few highlight is I guess better. You should let people know your natural beautiful hair which is dark brown hair. Highlights can be applied all over the head or only a few parts like on the sides or bangs. For your information, there are at least 4 kinds of highlights such as lowlights, basic foil highlights, baliage, and chunking. There are quite different one to another.

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You can either do your own color or go to a salon to get it highlighted by a professional. Bear in mind that DIY hair color is not that easy. Even if you think you can do that, since you should search information on what products to be used and what procedures to be done. There are special products for blonde highlights in brown hair. You should pick the right one. Browse articles on DIY coloring. You will get a lot of useful and helpful information, then. If you are not sure to do the coloring your own, just go to a saloon. It may be more expensive than simply buying highlighting kits from the market. But sometimes price guarantees quality.

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