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Decent Looking Tattoos for Women in Small Size

Do you want a tattoo in a decent look? Well, there are a lot of ideas. As tattoos for women have been around not only for years but also for centuries, many decent looking tattoos for women are available in various designs and sizes. Most women prefer small tattoos to large tattoos. There are some ideas of good small tattoos for you. As it is for women, of course the tattoos should be feminine. With small tattoos, women can easily hide it under their clothes if necessary. Small tattoos are also a solution for first-timers. They are also flexible, meaning that you can expand the small tattoo to a larger one someday. Because the tattoo is small, you can find your own design. Such tattoos need not detail designs. So, it is not difficult to create your own design with creative colors. Of course you still need to discuss your idea with your artist to ensure the decent looking of the tattoo. Although you have your own idea, a tattoo artist plays a very big role to realize your design. With his artistic touch, the tattoo will look good.

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Decent looking tattoos for women need not to be unique. Even, common tattoos like butterfly or dragonfly can be some good ideas. The most important thing in tattooing process is the ink quality, the technique, and the meaning. Even, a common tattoo can look different if it is made in a sophisticated technique with extra combination. Creative colors in your own choice can also make the common tattoo unique and more personalized. For example, you can add your initials into the wing of the dragonfly. Or, you can add flowers and words around the main object. Talking about flowers, why don’t you consider floral tattoo design? This tattoo is very popular among women. Since there are various flowers on earth, the design varies greatly, too.

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Decent looking tattoos for women are sweet and colorful. These characteristics can be found in fairy tattoos. Place a fairy tattoo on the nape of the neck or shoulder. Being placed in the right place, a small fairy tattoo can look appealing. Women tattoos are not always colorful, however. Black and gray tattoos are also nice as long as you use the right design. These colors are perfect for Egyptian or Asian symbols. You can place these tattoos at your ankle or shoulder. The designs and size of the tattoo will determine the placement.

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