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Fashion Formal Wear for Men for Special Occasions

Fashion formal wear for men is designed for special occasions such as wedding, gala dinner, and other ceremonial events. Unlike women’s fashion which is rapidly changing, men’s formal attire remains the same since the last decade. Depending on what theme as requested in the invitation, you should dress properly. Men’s formal wear can be black tie or white tie. When the dress code is black tie, you should include black bow tie in your outfit. This black bow tie is worn with a tuxedo. Other invitations request white tie. White tie is more formal than black tie. Usually guests are requested to wear white tie attire in super-exclusive weddings or any events in the White House. While in black tie attire, men are supposed to wear a tuxedo, white tie attire requires long waistcoats with tails. A bow tie is not acceptable here.

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Tuxedo is the premier suit in fashion formal wear for men. Just like other pieces of clothing, tuxedo comes in many different types depending on the event. Say, for example the most formal wear is white tie attire. For less formal event, a double-breasted tuxedo is often worn. Meanwhile, a single-breasted tux is acceptably worn for standard formality. The single-breasted tuxedos are more simple yet still formal and elegant. Younger boys tend to pair tuxedos with eccentric colors and frilly shirts. Usually they wear such formal attire for proms. No matter what type you choose, you should consider color matching for the accessories. Match color of the shoes with the color of the belt. Brown shoes complement brown belt, black shoes should be worn with black belt, etc. That is a general rule that every man must know.

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Fashion formal wear for men include the shoes as well. Formal shoes are often called dress shoes. There is some formal footwear for men such as oxford, loafer, and monk strap, wing tip, and dress boot. They go well with any tuxedo. The most formal one, oxford, is the most classic men’s dress shoes. They are often worn to complement white tie suits. Find dress shoes which are comfortable. It is better to spend more money in high quality shoes than buy cheap formal shoes. You can consider branded shoes from Johnson & Murphy or Propet Oxford Walker. These brands have a wide selection of leathered men’s formal shoes with arch support. Have your shoes polished before being worn.

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