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Jacket to a White Dress for spring

Who says that jacket is designed to be worn for cold seasons only? It’s true that jacket was originally made to keep the body warm. But now, jacket is a part of fashion trend. Even when the weather gets warmer, like in spring, still, jacket can be worn as a part of women’s outfit. The trend for this spring is white dresses. A jacket can be worn over the white dress to create a more stylish look. Of course the jackets for spring are different from those you’ve been wearing all winter. So, what kind of jacket that can be worn for spring? Unlike winter jackets which are typically heavy, spring jacket to a white dress is supposed to be lightweight. The jackets are generally come in more vibrant shades like pink, orange, or yellow.

jacket for white dress

The best jacket to complement your white dress is lightweight denim. It looks very great in the spring time. The jacket can be either light or denim. Although denim jacket mostly come in blue, you can try other colors like yellow or red. Remember that you should find lightweight denim so you will not feel hot when you are wearing the jacket. A denim jacket is best teamed with short white A-line dress. These outfits are great for casual activities like watching movie or hanging out around the town. The denim jackets can be long sleeved or three quarter-length sleeves. They can have buttons or a zipper. But the zipper or buttons just serve as accessories. You don’t have to button up your jacket. Let the dress be seen. Trench coat is another appealing idea for a jacket to a white dress. As trench is made of heavier fabric, it is best worn in the transition of winter to spring when the weather is still a bit cold. Trench in pink, cream, or other light colors looks wonderful for spring season.

jacket to wear with white dress

Jersey jackets also can be teamed with a white dress. Or, you can wear sweaters. There are numerous styles of sweaters from different lengths to colors. That is why it can be paired with almost all outfits including a nice white dress. A blazer can also be a good option of a jacket to a white dress. As blazer is supposed to be close-fitting, it is able to give slimming and flattering look to women’s body. You can either choose blazers in dark colors or lighter.what kind of jacket to wear with a white dress


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