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Men Pea Coat Kohls: Good Products in Competitive Price

Pea coat is a classic clothing piece for man. It will keep you warm while making you stylish as well. Because pea cot is a must have item for every man, you should but this kind of wool coat. A pea coat usually comes in navy or black. Nowadays there are many stores selling pea coats in different colors such as olive green, plaid, and denim. You can consider men’s pea coat Kohl’s for good products in competitive price.


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In Kohl’s you will get a chance for some special offers such as discount sales and clearance. The original price ranges from $50 to 250$ depending on the brand, size, materials, and models. They are available in size S, M, L, XL, and 2XL. If you look for a men’s pea coat Kohl’s which is water resistant, you can consider the one from Buffalo David Bitton. You do not need to get wet in a very cold day because this double-breasted coat is water-resistant. It is because this pea coat is made of a combination of polyester and spandex. This material is light so you do not feel heavy wearing it. Another benefit for buying this pea coat is that you can get it washed using machine without worrying it the coat will get damaged. Other features side-entry pockets, and pockets, and chest pockets. This style is very sophisticated.

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Another trendy option of men’s pea coat Kohl’s is Affliction coat. Of course you have been familiar with this popular brand right? Made of 100 percent wool, this pea coat is completely warm. This ¾ length coat has 2 button collars. Moreover it features a chest pocket with zip closure and two front pockets with flap button. What makes it trendy is the entrenched graphic on back. While Buffalo David Bitton pea coat is machine washable, Affliction coat requires dry cleaning only. However, because it is made of wool, this pea coat is little bit heavier. Do you like plaid coat? Kohl’s offer some plaid coats. One of them is a pea coat by Talia Orange. It comes in light gray creating a charming plaid print that is suitable for young men. It is made of a combination of different fabrics like wool, polyester, acrylic, and viscose. It has slant pockets with button front. There are also red plaid pea coats if you want too. Kohl’s does not only sell pea coat for men but for women too. Visit the website to see the collection of fashion products from Kohl’s.

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