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Lingerie Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

Bridal shower is a tradition in Western culture. It is a female party attended by the bride’s girlfriends. It is an event for a bride-to-be which is more or less like a bachelorette party. This tradition is actually originated from Holland. There was a young couple who didn’t have any dowry. Knowing this, the people gave them wedding gifts. A lady, which was the bride’s friend, opened an umbrella and people throw gifts on it. Over time, this tradition began to be popular in many other countries. Because the gifts can be just anything, sometime, the host sets a particular theme. There are many different themes. One of the popular ones is lingerie bridal shower. From the name, it can be inferred that the guests are expected to give lingerie as a gift for the bride. Giving lingerie wedding shower can be a way to set the couple up for a romantic honeymoon. In a honeymoon, usually newlyweds need a lot of lingerie pieces but sometimes they just do not have plenty of time to shop around and buy some. Compared to giving household items that perhaps the bride already owns at her home, lingerie is seen as more useful and practical.

lingerie bridal shower ideas

Bridal shower can be held at a friend’s home, sometimes in a bar or restaurant. Lingerie bridal shower party is decorated in such a way that people invited for this event will know that theme is lingerie party. Usually it is shown from the decoration and invitation. If you are invited for this party, you should prepare the special gift which is wedding lingerie. There are many kinds of bridal lingerie. You do not need to always stick with sexy lingerie. Other guests may already think to give such sexy lingerie. Most brides will prefer to have various kinds of lingerie than only sexy lingerie. You can think about giving here nightgowns or even pajama. Lingerie is not the only gift for this event. Bath and beauty products are also common and acceptable for such bridal shower.

lingerie bridal shower decorations

Throwing  lingerie bridal showerfor your friend needs some consideration. The most important thing is about the size of it. As a close friend, it will be not a difficult task to find out her right size, even her favorite piece to wear. Make sure you give her high quality lingerie. If you give her uncomfortable one, she will not wear it. It is also important to find out where the couple will spend their honeymoon. You can buy lingerie that matches their destination. For example if they are going somewhere cold, buy her lingerie made of velvet.

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