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Dresses for Honeymoon Night: What to Buy

clothes for honeymoon night

New honeymoon dresses are indeed necessary for new brides. New brides usually already get some gifts from their friends. But sometimes buying new honeymoon dresses on your own is more recommended because you can choose the one that you and your spouse like. At least some pieces of lingerie should be ready in the wardrobe. In fact, you may need ... Read More »

Plus Size Bridal Lingerie that Looks Sexy

plus size bridal underwear

Long before, plus size bridal lingerie was not widely available as it is today. It seemed that plus size women were overlooked. Fortunately, that old paradigm has changed. There is increasing demand of plus size fashion clothing including bridal lingerie. Plus size brides are able to look as sexy as slimmer brides. If you notice, there are many plus size ... Read More »

Plus Size Wedding Lingerie Online Shopping

plus size wedding lingerie picture

Shopping for wedding lingerie, especially the plus size one is indeed not easy. Sometimes, bridal shops only stock wedding lingerie that fit brides in the size 8 range. Unfortunately not all women are lucky to have that ideal size. If you buy too small wedding lingerie, you will be not comfortable during the wedding days. Moreover, it will fail to ... Read More »

Blue Wedding Underwear as a Fun Gift for Best Friend

blue personalized wedding underwear

Are you friend is getting married? You must be busy finding the right gift in her wedding shower. Wedding underwear is probably the one she is expecting. Brides are usually too busy preparing their wedding gown that they sometimes forget that wedding underwear is also another important thing that need to be prepared. There are a number of options that ... Read More »

Lingerie Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

lingerie bridal shower ideas

Bridal shower is a tradition in Western culture. It is a female party attended by the bride’s girlfriends. It is an event for a bride-to-be which is more or less like a bachelorette party. This tradition is actually originated from Holland. There was a young couple who didn’t have any dowry. Knowing this, the people gave them wedding gifts. A ... Read More »

Lingerie for Honeymoon that Suits Your Destination

lingerie for honeymoon picture

Are you going for a honeymoon? It will be intimate and romantic time for you and your husband. Just make the most of it. Preparation is indeed necessary. Do not forget to prepare some nice pieces of lingerie for honeymoon. Men love their wife wearing sexy lingerie. Where are you going to spend the honeymoon? The lingerie should suit your ... Read More »

Sexy Bridal Lingerie for Your Magical Wedding Night

sexy bridal lingerie picture

Sexy bridal lingerie seems to be one of the most important pieces that should be prepared for the first wedding night. This night is considered as the most intimate times for newlyweds to spend together. The use of sexy lingerie for this magical wedding night can be a way to make the night more special and memorable. So, if your ... Read More »

Wedding Night Lingerie: Shopping Tips for Groom

wedding night lingerie idea

Some brides-to-be may find it stressful to select wedding night lingerie to be worn at the wedding day. All brides want to look sexy and gorgeous with the lingerie in the magical night so that they can please their grooms. It will be a good idea if you, as a groom, take on the responsibility and purchase wedding lingerie for ... Read More »

Sexy Wedding Lingerie for Your Big Day

sexy wedding lingerie picture

Many brides only focus on selecting the best wedding dress that they do not pay attention to the lingerie. In fact, wedding lingerie is as important as the wedding dress. There are many types of sexy wedding lingerie that every bride can opt for. Because wedding day is a special day, you should also wear sexy lingerie. Pick attractive pieces ... Read More »