Little Black Dress and How to Accessorize It

little black dresses 2012

Due to its style, color, and length, many girls think that a little black dress is very flexible to be worn in various occasions from a prom night to hanging out with some friends. Many people thing the black color if the dress adds classiness and elegance. In other words, it is very flattering.  Moreover, dark color, especially black is ... Read More »

Casual Wear for Women in Middle-Age

Casual wear for women over 50

Middle-age women whose age is over 40 are often not confident to wear casual clothing especially for those who are accustomed to wear formal business wear at their office. They worry that the outfits they wear are not suitable with their age. What is the best casual wear for women in this age? Actually there are some ideas. Always start ... Read More »

Beautiful Frocks for Girls in Attractive Designs

Beautiful frocks for girls ideas

Beautiful frocks for girls can be designed in many attractive ways. Such frocks are commonly worn for special events like birthday party and prom night. Before talking about design, the very first thing to consider is to match the frock with the party theme. For a formal prom night, for example, girls can dress up in little bit mature way. ... Read More »

Elegant Dresses for Wedding in Purple Color

Elegant dresses for wedding 2013

While white or ivory is considered as too common colors for a wedding dress, there are many new favorite colors appear as the color of bridal gowns. One of them is purple. This color symbolizes passion, elegance, and calm. Actually purple has been widely used since five years ago when Pantone chose this color as the color trend of that ... Read More »

Flower Wedding Hairstyles for Romantic Look

Flower wedding hairstyles ideas

There are many ideas for wedding hairstyles but the most glamorous ones are flower wedding hairstyles. Incorporating flower to accessorize your hair sounds classic but it can give a romantic look. Pick flowers that match your dress, bouquet, or other wedding decoration. Flowers can be attached to your hair in many ways. The most common wedding hairstyle is up-do. Many ... Read More »

Country Style Clothing Outfits for Women

Country style clothing uk

Women are the center of fashion. This statement is proven with the presence of countless clothing style. Even, there are some unique styles that are hardly defined. The fashion trend in the recent years is to go back to fashion in past era such as bohemian, retro, and country style clothing. Country style was very popular in Western country. This ... Read More »

Simple Wedding Gowns Designs for Outdoor

Simple wedding gowns with sleeves

Outdoor wedding add natures and pleasant atmosphere for any casual wedding. This atmosphere can be set not only through the wedding outdoor decoration but also through the dress the bride is wearing. When planning an outdoor wedding, first you should decide on the theme that can help you pick the wedding dress’ design. Typical themes for outdoor wedding are beach ... Read More »

Black Leather Jacket Style Tips for Cool Men

Black leather jacket styles men

A dark leather jacket always becomes the most stylish clothing for men for any casual occasions. Dark leather jackets are available in some colors such as brown, tan, grey, dark green, black, and the like. Perhaps, brown color is the color that is often used for a leather jacket. Black leather jacket style, though not as popular as brown jacket, ... Read More »

Boho Chic Wedding Gown Design Ideas

Boho chic wedding gown pictures

Boho chic wedding gown, known also as a Hippie dress style was born 150 years ago. Because the style was very prominent and influential at time, it still becomes very popular nowadays. Actually now many people are familiar with the term “Boho Chic”. Many people often called this style of dress an empire gown. The gown falls down from the ... Read More »

Wedding Gown with Sleeves Design Ideas

Wedding gowns with sleeves pictures

Wedding gown with sleeves is considered as a bridal dress of a religious wedding. However, it is not the only reason why brides are interested to wear this kind of dress. For those who want to flatter their arms, a sleeve dress can be a great idea. A gown with sleeves is also popular in royal wedding or red carpet ... Read More »