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Ripped Jeans for Women: Making Use of Your Old Jeans

When you are hanging out around the town, you may get attracted by sexy ripped jeans worn by the mannequins. But when you check the price tag, you may feel a little bit disappointed because ripped jeans for women can be very pricey. Why don’t you make ripped jeans your own? You must have some old jeans that you no longer wear, right? Instead of keeping these jeans in your wardrobe, you can change them into sexy ripped jeans. How to do that? Well, it is very simple. You don’t need to be a professional designer to be able to make fashionable ripped jeans. You even don’t need to go to a seamstress to get the jeans tailored. What you need is just to find an old pair of jeans. Make sure that the jeans still fit to your body comfortably. Just forget the brand new pair of expensive designer jeans you saw at the mall. Now, you can make your sexy ripped jeans without spending much money.

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After you get an old pair of jeans, it is time to start this small project. Put the jeans on, take a pencil and mark the areas that you want to rip. The rips can be on the knees or thighs, or even along the length of the jeans. After that, take them off. Cut slits on the rip marks using sharp scissors. Or, you can just use sharp knives. If you are not sure where to have the rips, you can find inspiration online. Macy’s, eBay, Polyvore, and the like offer a huge selection of ripped jeans for women. There are many pictures displayed on the sites. Check the sites for inspiration. Now, you can go to the next step. Brush the rips using a hair brush until they look distressed and frayed. If you want them to fray quickly, you can put the rips in a tumble dryer. Alternatively, you can use hard sandpaper to rub the rips.

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Wash the jeans before you wear them to remove the pencil marks and brushing residue. Now look at the jeans. The old pair of jeans has turn into chic ripped jeans for women that looks like new. No one will know that you make the jeans your own. They will surely think that you have spent a lot of money to buy branded designer jeans. You will be proud of yourself for successfully making the branded-looked ripped jeans.

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