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Wedge Heels with Long Skirt: Learn the Types of Wedges

The best footwear to complement a long skirt is a pair of wedge heels. Wedge heels with long skirt are popular due to their classic styling. In addition, wedges add height so you will not sink in the long skirt. That is why many women like to wear them in every season. Meanwhile, wearing wedges is indeed comfortable. A thin heel or stiletto also look beautiful when paired with a long skirt but it does not give enough support and stability for the body as wedge heels do. Wearing long skirts with wedges offer a combination of feminine and sporty look. This combination also results in younger look. It is no wonder, therefore, if older women or those over 40 are fond of this style. They look younger and more spiritual. Short women also like to wear wedges when they are wearing long skirt because wedges add height. Usually women wear long skirts with wedges for casual events. Sometimes they also wear them as informal outfit. As there are some different types of wedge heels, you may need to learn all the types so you can select what kind of long skirt suitable for particular type of wedges.
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You are lucky if you like to wear wedge heels with long skirt. It is because both wedge heels and long skirts come in several types. It means you can create some different look with different wedges and skirt. One of the most popular wedges is espadrille wedges. Usually women wear them for daily outfit. This wedge has a woven or braided base made of synthetics, rattan, or other materials. Espadrille wedges are available as sandals, pumps, and clogs. They are suitable for any informal skirt.

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Other popular wedge heels are cork or wooden wedges. Unlike espadrille wedges, wooden wedges have wood or cork base. These wedges are typically made of leather, plastic, rubber, and other materials. These wedges are suitable for a more casual long skirt. Other types of wedge heels with long skirt include hidden wedge, architectural wedge, wrapped wedge, and flat-form wedge. When selecting particular wedge to harmonize with your long skirt, pay attention to the height and size. Find wedges in the height you desire so you can walk comfortably with them. Try on the wedges to make sure the sizes are not wrong. Walk with them for several minutes before you buy the pairs. There is nothing worse than buying shoes in wrong sizes. wedge heels with long skirt for women

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