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The Check Trend is Now in!

Very few ladies wear checked clothes, maybe because it is seen as somewhat ‘different’ to many other styles. Checked clothes come in all styles and almost all clothing contains this lovely pattern, but still few seem to be seen in it. However, this season checks are really in and below are different ways you can adapt the new look by ... Read More »

Wedge Heels with Long Skirt: Learn the Types of Wedges

wedge heels with long skirt ideas

The best footwear to complement a long skirt is a pair of wedge heels. Wedge heels with long skirt are popular due to their classic styling. In addition, wedges add height so you will not sink in the long skirt. That is why many women like to wear them in every season. Meanwhile, wearing wedges is indeed comfortable. A thin ... Read More »

What Tops to Wear for Long Skirt with Pictures

what top to wear with long flowy skirt

Sometimes women are just confused to pick the right top for a long skirt. It all depends on the event you are attending. By knowing the kind and time of the occasion, you can select what tops to wear for long skirt. Here you can see some pictures women wearing a long skirt with matching top. Different types of long ... Read More »

Skirt Top for Girls in Casual Look

skirt top for girls for sale

For daily outfits and casual events, girls are sure to love skirts and top. They need not to have a lot of skirts to create different outfits. The pictures you see in the article can be a good source of inspiration that you can consider. First, you should decide to wear short or long skirt. If you have a short ... Read More »

Casual Long Mermaid Skirts with Pictures

casual long mermaid skirts girls

Are you looking for casual long mermaid? You visit the right site, then.  It can be inferred from the name that here we will discuss some long mermaid skirts for casual occasions. Being casual is in the middle between formal and informal. This is sometimes difficult to keep the look not that formal yet nor informal. Luckily, long mermaid skirts ... Read More »

Maxi Skirt with Split for a more Stylish Look

long maxi skirt with split

Maxi skirts for ladies are very popular nowadays. The styles of this kind of skirt also become more varied. Many years ago, the skirts perhaps only have two or three or styles. But nowadays, they are made in different design and fabrics. One of the latest trends about them is maxi skirt with split as shown in some pictures in ... Read More »

Maxi Skirts for Women with Shorter Body

maxi skirts for women online

Maxi skirts for women are favorite pieces for many ladies. Many people think that maxi skirts, however, not everyone. Only those who are tall that can wear such skirts. Do you think shorter ladies can wear them, too? Why not? It is true that maxi skirts look great for taller women and they are not recommended for shorter women. But ... Read More »

Red Pencil Skirt to Create a Bold Fashion Statement

red pencil skirt plus size

Women always try to find ways to create a bold fashion statement from what they wear. A red pencil skirt can help them achieve this look. There are many ways to wear a pencil skirt in red color. A black pencil skirt is already common. Therefore many women at this moment are becoming more interested with red skirts. Red is ... Read More »

White Pencil Skirt Outfit Ideas for Office Wear

white pencil skirt outfits

Women always need to dress up in the best way for any occasions including when they work in the office. A pencil skirt, usually the one with black color, can be one of the office outfit ideas. It is because dark colors are considered as formal. What about other colors like white, for example? Unlike black pencil skirt which can ... Read More »

Micro Mini Skirt for Sexy and Modest Look

micro mini skirt 2013

Fashion industry is always changing. Previously, women traditionally wore a skirt which hemline was rising below the knee. Nowadays a micro mini skirt is hitting the trend. Women are confident to show off a lot of skin on their thighs. This bare legs skirt integrates sexiness and modesty. Because they are very popular today, many kinds of materials are used ... Read More »