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What Tops to Wear for Long Skirt with Pictures

Sometimes women are just confused to pick the right top for a long skirt. It all depends on the event you are attending. By knowing the kind and time of the occasion, you can select what tops to wear for long skirt. Here you can see some pictures women wearing a long skirt with matching top. Different types of long skirt need different tops. Look at the first picture below. The first woman wears a long sheath skirt with tribal motifs at the hem. She wears a tank top with matching motifs. The top ends just below the bust, revealing her belly. The long skirt will look great also because the addition of accessories. The woman in the picture wears some bangles and chunky necklace. They match the skirt and the top. The color of the boots is the same as the color of the belt. This outfit is suitable for casual to informal events.

what top to wear with long flowy skirt

The second women look more feminine. Sometimes a long skirt can be bought with the tops so you need not to look for what tops to wear for long skirt. Or, you may be interested with the next woman? She looks very pretty, right? She wears a long flowing satin skirt in beige with a one-shoulder white t-shirt in scoop neck. It is completely gorgeous. The look is simple and clean. It looks just great from women with either dark or light skin. For a sportier look, you can try a long skirt in army design and pair it with a black tank top. As it is sporty, avoid heels. Instead find flats or flip-flops as the foot wear. Wedges are also acceptable.

what top to wear with long pleated skirt

Looking for what tops to wear for long skirt is actually not difficult. A long skirt is also commonly worn by business women. Since, business office setting is usually formal, you must be careful to mix and match some pieces. One of the ideas of formal business attire can be a women business suit. This suit consists of two pieces, a long skirt and a blazer. The skirt has the same solid neutral color as the top. These two pieces are made of the same fabric, too. For a less formal outfit, you can just pair your long skirt with a fancy blouse. If wearing long skirt is your style, make sure you have at least one black long skirt, one denim long skirt, and two or three skirts with eye-pleasing motifs.

what top to wear with long chiffon skirt


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