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Red Pencil Skirt to Create a Bold Fashion Statement

Women always try to find ways to create a bold fashion statement from what they wear. A red pencil skirt can help them achieve this look. There are many ways to wear a pencil skirt in red color. A black pencil skirt is already common. Therefore many women at this moment are becoming more interested with red skirts. Red is considered as sexy, powerful, and brilliant. You can look at the picture below. There is a pencil skirt in a vibrant red color and some pieces that complement it. There is a formal beige blouse in polka dot prints. It seems that the outfit is going to be formal. Let’s see. In the picture, there also some accessories like a black leather watch and a small black bag. Look at the shoes. It is a pair of open-toe heels in the similar color as the blouse. All of these pieces can be worn together and create a formal look that is ideal for modern office wear. As a final touch, polish your nails in vibrant red. What do you think? Isn’t it gorgeous?

red pencil skirt plus size

Do you want to look more spectacular and classy? You may be interested in the second outfit presented by the second picture, then. The red pencil skirt is adorned with a chunky black belt featuring a ribbon in the middle. The hemline rises at the knee. The skirt is paired with a formal skirt in black color. The skirt features long sleeves that end in a furrow style. If you look at the picture, it seems that the outfit combines red, black, and also gold. Some pieces of jewelries are incorporated such as gold necklace and bracelets. A pair of heeled plump shoes in leopard patterns and sneaky leather black adds drama to this outfit, creating a completely elegant and exclusive look.

red pencil skirt polyvore

Let’s move to the less formal outfit. Using block colors is a great idea. Pair your red pencil skirt with a casual blouse. A blue blouse with front white button as shown in the picture bellow can vibrantly add color. The blouse is made of silk fabrics and feature ruffle style to add texture. Wear strappy black sandals and sunglasses in black color can complete your look in an adorable way. Carry a small red bag that match the red skirt. Play with your makeup. As you wear a blue blouse, you should inser something blue in your makeup, for example blue shadow in your eyes.

red pencil skirt charlotte


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