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Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights to be Done at Home

Brown hair with blonde highlights is very popular right now. This hairstyle has been sported by many celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Britney Spears, and many more. Good result of blonde highlights on your brown hair can be achieved with the help of professional hairstylist. However, with a moderate skin level you can do this project on your own at home. You can buy home highlighting kits on your own choice. It is better if you consult to a hairstylist who knows your hair well. Different hair types may need different products. Make sure that the highlighting kit you buy is the one specially made for dark brown. There are many shades of blonde. For light to medium brown, the best blonde to go is the one with warmer mid tone. Honey or golden tone also works well. Instead of white blonde, consider tone like caramel. After you open the box, find the instructions and read them comprehensively. Do not start if you are still not sure what to do. Different highlighting kits may have a slightly different method to highlight hair.

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If this is the first time for you to highlight hair, it is a necessity to patch test the kit. Apply the product to your skin. Wait at least 12 hours and see whether there is an allergic reaction or not. If there is nothing happened with your skin, then you can start using the product to highlight your hair. First, brush your hair gently to remove any tangles. Smooth and well-combed hair is easier to style. Usually kits have two formulas. To avoid clothing staining, it is better for you to wear an old t-shirt. Or, you can wrap your shoulder with an old towel. Mix the two formulas in a provided bowl and apply it to your hair as instructed. Use the applicator and a plastic wand provided. Don’t dye the entire hair. Have only a few of blonde streaks. The streaks can be in the layers of the crown. In this style your brown hair with blonde highlights will have a classic sun kissed look.

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After you have finished highlighting your hair, wait for the prescribed time to allow the color to set. Then, rinse the hair thoroughly using mild shampoo and conditioner. Again, you should note that unprofessional highlighting that includes dying dark brown hair is not easy. If you do not do it well, sometimes what you get is a brassy looking blonde instead of beautiful brown hair with blonde highlights.  

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