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Natural Hair with Highlights Care and Treatments

natural hair with highlights tumblr

Are you planning to highlight your natural hair color? Well, highlights indeed can add a zing to your hair, making you look fresh and young. New hair color is the easiest and the most effective way to create a new hairstyle. But, you should understand that hair dye is one of the major factors that cause hair damage especially if ... Read More »

Very Light Blonde Hair Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

very light brown hair with blonde highlights

While some people with light natural brown hair want to darken their hair, some others whose hair already dark want to lighten it up with very light blonde hair highlights. Such blonde highlights are indeed the perfect solution to add extra contrast and depth while brightening up your dark brown hair. These highlights are a kind of extreme highlight because ... Read More »

Wedding Updo Hairstyles: Tips to Choose the Most Flattering One

wedding updo hairstyles with braids

Wedding hairstyle is as important as a wedding gown. Although there are a lot of wedding updo hairstyles such as chignon, French twist, messy updo, and the like, sometimes it becomes a hard decision to choose the most flattering one, especially if the brides want to do the style themselves. If you have longer hair, the task will even get ... Read More »

Natural Light Brown Hair: How to Have It Darkened Without Dye

natural light brown hair with highlights

Natural light brown hair is beautiful. But sometimes, people just want to make a subtle change after having this hair for many years. One of the ways to do that is to make it darker. Dark brown hair is graceful and breathtaking. It matches to any skin tones. Buying brown hair dye in beauty and cosmetic stores are usually expensive. ... Read More »

Peacock Dyed Hair for Eclectic Visual Impression

peacock dip dyed hair

Have you ever seen a peacock? At least, if you have not ever seen this beautiful bird, you must have ever seen the picture of it. This large bird is popularly known for the long tail feathers of the male which can spread out to show bright colors and patterns shaped like eye. This bird is widely found in China, ... Read More »

Hair Updos for Wedding for Fine Hair

hair updos for wedding guest

Wedding hairstyle is one of the important things that define the whole appearance of the bride. Even if she is already wearing the most wonderful gown, it will be something missing if the hairstyle is not that beautiful. Usually hair updos are worn for wedding because these hairstyles are elegant and romantic, very suitable for any wedding themes. Beautiful hair ... Read More »

Medium Brown Hair Dye: Subtle VS Extreme Highlights

natural medium brown hair dye

Highlights are one of the appealing ways to add a spice to your hair. They can make your tresses glowing and shiny. Moreover, your hair will be brighter and more textured. Compared to dyeing the entire hair, highlighting only a few hair strands is seen as safer. The important thing to consider when deciding to highlight your hair is to ... Read More »

Pretty Hairstyles for Girls for Daily Life

pretty hairstyles for girls for graduation

Teenagers always want to look trendy from their clothes to hairstyle. When it comes to select daily hairstyle, they are exposed to a lot of options. Girls love something that is in vogue for the youth. Pretty hairstyles for girls vary from long flowing hair to cropped short hair. It all depends on their style. The most flattering hairstyle is ... Read More »

Highlights for Dark Brown Hair: Selecting the Best Color

highlights for dark brown hair 2013

Do you have dark brown hair? If you get bored of your current hairstyle and look for a change, consider adding highlights. Even if you do not change the cut, you will achieve a lovely new look with the highlights. However, not all colors go well with dark brown hair. You should find the right highlights for dark brown hair ... Read More »

Dark Hair with Caramel Streaks Types

dark hair with caramel highlights

Depending on the manufacture, there are many ways to call caramel shade. This soft, rich shade is often called as dark shimmering blonde, toffee, honey blonde, or light golden brown. Dark hair with caramel streaks is popular although caramel can complement many colors of hair. As this color shade is very hot today, you can easily find this color in ... Read More »