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Classy Short Dresses Ideas for Wedding

The idea to wear a long wedding dress is considered as traditional. Nowadays, people are more interested to try wearing a short dress for their wedding because they want to have a modern wedding. Actually the modernity of a wedding can’t be judged from the length of the dress the bride wears. Long dresses if designed in a contemporary way can also be a modern dress. But if you want to have a modern wedding and are interested to wear classy short dresses, there are some ideas to obtain the purpose. First of all, you should decide whether you want a formal or casual wedding. The type of the wedding will determine the proper style of the dress. For instance, if you plan to hold a wedding at a beach with flirty and casual atmosphere, a strapless short dress with vibrant color can be a good option.

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If you want to, you can try to look unique and different. For example you can play with colors. Commonly, white and ivory dresses are chosen because they add elegance. This does not mean that other colors cannot spawn an elegant look. For your information, many classy short dresses come in solid colors. Of course the colors you choose for your dress should coordinate well with the theme or the rest of the wedding tone. For example, match the color of the dress with the flower bouquet, wedding cake, and other decorations.

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Another important thing when it comes to classy short dresses is the model of the dresses. There are things to consider when choosing the styles. First, as mentioned before, think about the formality of your wedding. For instance, a short dress can be worn for formal wedding as long as has sleeves and the neck line is not too low. You should also pay attention on your body. For example if you are short, do not wear the one with a full skirt. You can learn about what dress that suits particular body shape from some fashion books, magazines, and articles in the Internet. If you want to look trendy with a classic style, you can try a vintage short dress. Your grandmother might wear a vintage dress when she got married many years ago. In today’s fashion, a vintage dress becomes a trend. While your grandmother wore a long vintage dress in her era, you can wear the vintage dress in this modern era but in short length.

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