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Smart Casual Birthday Clothing Ideas for Men

Smart casual attire is very popular clothing for a number of events. This clothing idea combines the comfortable casual clothing and the charm of smart clothing. The term “smart casual” first appeared in the 1920s in an Iowa newspaper. Since then, it has become popular and used as a term in fashion. Smart casual attire can be worn by both men and women for a number of occasions. Mainly it is used in professional settings with a little more relaxed atmosphere like in school activities, academia, office, church, and office. Recently this clothing style is also popular for men’s birthday party. Unlike women, men do not really like throw a birthday party. Usually they just ask some close friends to hang out. That is why in this occasion, smart casual birthday clothing will be a great idea.

smart casual birthday party ideas

Smart casual birthday clothing for men can come in many ideas depends on individual personality. Often, men want to go simple with a jacket under a clean ironed polo short. A tie is rarely worn in this style. But, some men prefer to wear it to highlight the smartness. For the bottoms, smart casual styles include chomps or khakis in any colors. However, bear in mind that the color of the pants should match the tops. The most preferred colors are tan, black, and other neutral colors because they can be paired with any colors. Avoid wearing a pair of jeans. Although it is casual it does not reflect smartness at all. Remember to never wear sport shoes. Instead, wear dress shoes in neutral colors. Grey, black, or brown dress shoes are great options.

smart casual birthday party

Since the characteristics of smart casual birthday attire are not clearly defined, it becomes a slightly difficult to mix and match some clothes. The key for this style is to look neat not messy but not too formal. Polo shirts or collar shirts are the safest choice. You will never go wrong with this option. If the birthday party is in the evening and the weather is cold, wearing a causal sweater is allowed but it must have a superior quality with no humorous logos or slogans displayed on it. Avoid jeans and scruffy trousers. Opt for cords and chinos, instead. For correct impression, wear a blazer that is neat and smart. Actually dressing in smart casual is the safest way to dress up for man. What makes it difficult to dress this way is because there is no clear line between getting too formal or too messy.

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