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Red Cheetah Prom Dress to Create Bold Statement

Generally prom dresses come without any prints. Wearing a prom dress in animal prints, in fact, can add bold statement. As long as the right prints are selected, animal printed prom dress can look elegant and sexy. There are some ideas of animal print such as leopard, zebra, and cheetah. Among all of those prints, the most favorite one is red cheetah prom dresses. The prints feature solid black round/oval spot. The real cheetahs have that prints on their golden brown fur. But, when it comes to a dress, the solid black spots can be printed in just any colors predominantly red and white. Wearing such dresses will highlight your wild side.

high low cheetah red prom dress

The cheetah patterns will help you grab attention and steal the show. Red cheetah prom dresses, just like any other dresses, have numerous designs. Most of the dresses are designed in strapless cut with sweetheart neckline. The latest design of cheetah printed dresses is high-low cut as you can see from these three pictures.  From the pictures, we can see that the designers do not print the entire dress, but only a few parts of it. If the dress is entirely printed, it will look a little bit gaudy.

red and black cheetah prom dress

While you are wearing a red cheetah prom dresses, you have several choices of options. It is not difficult to find a pair of shoes that goes so well with these printed dresses because the shoes needed to complement such dresses is actually the common shoes that most ladies already have them in their wardrobe. As you can see in the pictures, the models wear black shoes. Who does not have black shoes? The shoes can be pumps, wedges, and high heels. Chunky shoes are a good idea because they enhance the power of cheetah print effects. Black shoes work well for any dresses in deep color. That is why people wear red or other deep colored dresses they tend to wear a pair of black shoes. Another idea is to wear red shoes or golden shoes because these two colors are also shown in your dresses. Or, you can also wear a pair of shoes which has the same cheetah prints. Wear chunky jewelry such as dangling earrings and vast bangles to harmonize with the dress. Touch up your make up in Smokey eyes and golden brandy or pink penny lipstick shades. If you want to have less bold eyes, underline your lips with red hot shades.

red cheetah print prom dress

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