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Casual Wear for Men for Vacation Resort

casual wear for men for party

Although not as growing as women’s fashion, men’s fashion especially casual wear for men is developing very fast. We can see a lot of guys dress up in some new and unique option in order to make a bold style statement. Everyone however has their own sense of judgment about casual wear so that it varies among men. Casual wear ... Read More »

Neon Orange Fashion for your Inspiration

neon orange fashion 2013

Neon orange fashion has become popular since the spring last year. Actually this fashion originally was born in 1980s. At that time, neon fashion was also popular. Colors like orange, green, daring yellow, and neon blue were hitting the trend. Among all those color, orange is the most popular. Many women, however, often feel not confident wearing orange clothing especially ... Read More »

Red Pencil Skirt to Create a Bold Fashion Statement

red pencil skirt plus size

Women always try to find ways to create a bold fashion statement from what they wear. A red pencil skirt can help them achieve this look. There are many ways to wear a pencil skirt in red color. A black pencil skirt is already common. Therefore many women at this moment are becoming more interested with red skirts. Red is ... Read More »

White Pencil Skirt Outfit Ideas for Office Wear

white pencil skirt outfits

Women always need to dress up in the best way for any occasions including when they work in the office. A pencil skirt, usually the one with black color, can be one of the office outfit ideas. It is because dark colors are considered as formal. What about other colors like white, for example? Unlike black pencil skirt which can ... Read More »

Micro Mini Skirt for Sexy and Modest Look

micro mini skirt 2013

Fashion industry is always changing. Previously, women traditionally wore a skirt which hemline was rising below the knee. Nowadays a micro mini skirt is hitting the trend. Women are confident to show off a lot of skin on their thighs. This bare legs skirt integrates sexiness and modesty. Because they are very popular today, many kinds of materials are used ... Read More »

Plaid Mini Skirt Stylish Manner

plaid mini skirt for juniors

Some women perhaps are reluctant to wear a plaid mini skirt because they are afraid they will look like an overgrown school girl. Of course this look is not stylish at all for a woman who is no longer a teenager. However, if you know how to wear this kind of skirt in a stylish manner, it can always be ... Read More »

Leather Mini Skirt: A Sexy Piece of Clothing

leather mini skirt looks

A leather mini skirt is considered as a timeless and sexy piece that every women should at least has one in her closet. It can be said that having one in a great quality is a marvelous investment. An appropriate way to wear this sexy piece in particular places can create the best look. Formerly, most leather skirts were available ... Read More »

Red Pencil Skirt in Trendy Outfit Ideas

There are many ways to look trendy and fashionable. Nowadays, pencil skirts are very popular. Many women whether they are mature women or young women, even teenager like to wear them in numerous events. Many people love to wear black pencil skirt. Actually, there are many other colors. For a dramatic and trendy look, you can make use of a ... Read More »

High Low Skirt to Highlight Femininity in a Romantic Dating

High Low Skirt dresses

When you plan for a date with your beloved, of course you want look good in every way. The choice of dress plays important role to enhance your appearance. The selection depends on what atmosphere you want to create in the date. You can spend time with your boyfriend to watch movies, do adventurous activities, or have a gala dinner. ... Read More »

Black Pencil Skirt: a key basic in any wardrobe

black pencil skirt below the knee

A pencil skirt is a body-fitted skirt that comes to a point toward the hemline. Let’s check your closet. Do you find a black pencil skirt? If you don’t, it means that you should buy this piece right now. Why? You will be amazed on what this item can do to change your appearance at a glance. With only one ... Read More »