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White Pencil Skirt Outfit Ideas for Office Wear

Women always need to dress up in the best way for any occasions including when they work in the office. A pencil skirt, usually the one with black color, can be one of the office outfit ideas. It is because dark colors are considered as formal. What about other colors like white, for example? Unlike black pencil skirt which can be worn in various ways, probably a white pencil skirt has a narrowed selection of outfit ideas especially when it is supposed to be worn as office attire. But, it does not mean you do not have many options. Still, there are some ideas on how to wear white skirts for office wear. What you need to do is to select your formal tops and shoes, then stand out in front of a mirror to try them on and see whether the outfits can result in a formal look that is appropriate for working environment.

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First of all, it is very important to find the best tops.  Office attire is considered as formal. To get this formal look, shirts are the best idea. Find a formal shirt in pastel colors because bold colors do not look really good when paired with a white pencil skirt. Or, you can wear a tight-fitting black tank top. Wear a nice blazer over the tank top. A gray blazer can complete your look. Nowadays, Ladies blazer has a variety of designs. It is not only available in classic design but modern designs like fitted, draped, or short sleeves design. Go all in white is also an excellent decision. This outfit may include the skirt, white lacy tank top, white blazer, and white small bag. In this outfit you are ready for formal business meeting with important people. Give a little black touch from your shoes.

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Choosing the right shoes is vital in building a formal outfit. The options to pair your white skirt include platforms, pumps, and heel height. Actually apart from simple skirt without prints, the skirt is also available in blue stripes prints. Usually the stripes are vertical. The vertical stripes skirt is aimed to make the thighs and the legs appear longer. It can be paired with short sleeves blouse in black color. A dangling necklace can adorn the top. It is simple, modest, and trendy. See? A white pencil skirt can be worn for office use whether in casual or formal setting.

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