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Micro Mini Skirt for Sexy and Modest Look

Fashion industry is always changing. Previously, women traditionally wore a skirt which hemline was rising below the knee. Nowadays a micro mini skirt is hitting the trend. Women are confident to show off a lot of skin on their thighs. This bare legs skirt integrates sexiness and modesty. Because they are very popular today, many kinds of materials are used to make these skirts. They can be made of nylon, denim, spandex, and other material. Actually micro miniskirts appeared for the first time in women fashion industry in 1950s. But at that time, they were only worn by a few communities, for example, schoolgirls. That is way at that time these skirts were not really in vogue. Today, micro skirts not only fascinate juniors but women too, meaning that more people can partake in this fashion style. They like the idea to insert modesty in such sexy skirts by wearing a pair knee-boots to cover half of their legs but reveal their thighs. Paired with appropriate tops and accessories, micro skirts can flatter just anyone. You do not need to feel like too old to wear these skirts. What you need to find the right pieces to pair them.

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A micro mini skirt is a versatile piece of clothing in a way it can be worn in all seasons in a year whether in winter, spring, winter, and fall. It is because they can be worn in a number of different ways to suit not only the specific season but also the occasion. At this moment, generally people pair it with heels or boots. They often wear a micro skirt over leggings or thighs. It is all about the fashion creativity. The skirt also comes in a wide range of fabrics and colors. When you go to store to shop for this clothing, you will be amazed that there are a lot of varieties to ensure all buyers getting their most desired skirt.

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Although a micro mini skirt is more identical for casual occasion, it can be worn for the more formal one. Usually a black mini skirt is considered as having a more formal look while the one with pastel or vibrant colors is regarded as having casual look. Seen how different tops can create different look. For office attire, you can pair a black micro skirt with a formal shirt and fancy black plump shoes. On the other hand, when you have a day out at a beach, you can just pair a pastel skirt with a cute bikini top.

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