Dark Blue Hair Dye: Self Project

dark blue hair dye permanent

As hair coloring kits are widely sold in beauty supply stores in many different colors, you can now try coloring your hair your own with your favorite color at home without spending money in a salon. There are some attractive colors to try. Most women tend to pick natural-look colors such as dark brown, brunette, caramel, and the like. Perhaps ... Read More »

Highlights for Dark Hair Ideas

highlights for dark hair color

Natural dark hair is absolutely gorgeous. However, sometimes we just want to add a little color to the hair so a new look can be created. Instead of coloring the whole hair, it will be less risky and more stylish if you highlight your dark hair. Highlights for dark hair have been a common hairstyle for women since the decade. ... Read More »

Blonde under Black Hair for Women

blonde underneath black hair tumblr

I bet you have seen a lot of women with blonde under black hair style. This hairstyle is very popular these days. For those who have not seen this style before, just open some fashion magazines or surf the internet, you will be amazed of how this unique hairstyle can offer flirty and funky look. When it is done well, ... Read More »

Red Hair with Highlights Trend

red hair with highlights pictures

Red hair with highlights can be awesome if you have your hair styled properly. The highlights add extra dimension and depth to your hair. These new highlighted locks should be styled in such a way so that your hair can be more impressive. You can try some different hairdos as explained here. For daily style, try simple pinned back hair. ... Read More »

Fashion Formal Wear for Men for Special Occasions

Fashion Formal Wear for Men ideas

Fashion formal wear for men is designed for special occasions such as wedding, gala dinner, and other ceremonial events. Unlike women’s fashion which is rapidly changing, men’s formal attire remains the same since the last decade. Depending on what theme as requested in the invitation, you should dress properly. Men’s formal wear can be black tie or white tie. When ... Read More »

Grey Wedding Suits for Grooms

grey wedding suits for men

Wedding suits for grooms are available in the market with a variety of designs, looks, and cuts, making grooms-to-be overwhelmed when shopping for the suits. You should find wedding suits that perfectly fit to the body so the groom will look impressive in his big day. The wedding suits should not only meet the style, body, and personality of the ... Read More »

Ripped Jeans for Women: Making Use of Your Old Jeans

ripped jeans for women 2013

When you are hanging out around the town, you may get attracted by sexy ripped jeans worn by the mannequins. But when you check the price tag, you may feel a little bit disappointed because ripped jeans for women can be very pricey. Why don’t you make ripped jeans your own? You must have some old jeans that you no ... Read More »

Disco Style Clothing for Men

70's disco style clothing

Disco style was born in the 70s. During the time, this high-energy music was really in vogue. To celebrate the music wave, people started wearing particular clothing when going to a club for dancing with disco music. Since then, disco style clothing became very popular both among women or men. Women wore twirling skirts teamed with body-fitted dresses. What about ... Read More »

Plus Size Dresses for Women Cocktail: Shopping Tips

plus size dresses for women evening

Looking for plus size dresses for women cocktail is actually not difficult as I believe that many stores sell them. What makes it a bit harder is to find the fitted and flattering. Luckily, there are always some fashion tips that can guide you finding the timeless little black dress or other dress styles for cocktail party. The easiest way ... Read More »

Plus Size Beach Wear Ideas

plus size beachwear clothing

Plus sized women are often not confident to wear beachwear as the outfits can reveal some unappealing curves. In fact, there are some ideas of plus size beach wear that can be worn. Swimsuit is must-have beachwear for every woman. Most women are going to a beach for swimming, diving, or doing anything in the inviting water. Swimsuit should be ... Read More »