Nail Polish Colors in Classic Look

nail polish colors for october

Nail polish is a part of women’s makeup and fashion. With the nail polish, you can express yourself. Every year, even every season, there is always a new trend for nail polish. Those who are fond of nail polish will not mind following the trend and even change the nail polish colors depending on the occasion. However, for some people, ... Read More »

Bridesmaid Shoes for Women: Useful Shopping Tips

wedding shoes for women

When planning a wedding, sometimes we just focus on preparing the wedding gowns for bridesmaid. No bridesmaid dresses are complete without the complementing shoes. Do you agree with that? Bridesmaid shoes for women should be well-selected to match the style of the bridesmaid’s dresses. First of all, you must determine the style of the shoes. Just like shoes in general, ... Read More »

Shoes to Wear with Red Dress at Formal Occasions

shoes to wear with red dress cocktail

The most beautiful dress needs the right shoes to stand out. To complete your look in any formal occasions, you must know how to pick out a pair of heels. Red dresses are considered as the most elegant option for formal events such as for a business meeting or a party. What are the best shoes to wear with red ... Read More »

Cool Cartilage Earrings Ideas

cool cartilage earrings for women

Ear cartilage is a common area for women to have ear piercings. There are many ideas of earrings from the simplest to the most ornate ones. Some of them are even unique and unusual. The most classic style among cool cartilage earrings is stud. Besides, it is also the most versatile one. Unlike studs worn by men which are simple, ... Read More »

Gucci Belt with Diamonds by Alexander Amosu

Gucci belt with diamonds for sale

Belt is a part of men’s fashion. This piece is a must addition for any occasions especially the formal ones like attending wedding invitation, gala dinner, or work in the office. Men wearing a good belt look very sophisticated and masculine. Some men are even willing to spend thousands dollars for their belt. One of the most expensive belts in ... Read More »

Short Gown sketches for Beginners

Short dress sketches

Sketching a dress is not an easy thing to do except for artists or designers. But, it does not mean that unprofessional people like us cannot learn how to draw a gown. It is a bit challenging yet can be very fun when you know how to do it. At first, of course you need to decide what kind of ... Read More »

Cool Earrings for Men Ideas

Cool Earrings for Men 2013

Earrings are not only for women but for men, too. Men are wearing earrings for several purposes. Sometimes, earrings are worn to represent particular culture. In South America, for examples, boys wear ear piercing stood in the rite of passage. It is an official ceremony that marks an important stage of becoming adults. In contemporary American culture, earrings for men ... Read More »

Blonde Highlights in Brown Hair: Things to Consider

blonde highlights in brown hair 2013

Many women with brown hair often add blonde highlights to make their natural hair looks lively. Highlights according to many hairstylists are sophisticated and sexy. Highlight is the best attention getter for those who want to make a new look. I think everybody agree with me. Blonde highlights are gorgeous and famous. In addition they are versatile. Blonde highlights in ... Read More »

Small Tattoo for Girl for Beginners

small tattoo for girls on hip

Tattoos were once considered to e extremely eccentric and even rebellious. At the moment, tattoos are seen as a part of fashion style. More women are getting tattoos. There is no longer negative perception that insults them. But still, women tend to choose small tattoo designs especially for those who are making tattoo for the first time. Small tattoos can ... Read More »

Shoulder Tattoos for Girls Words Ideas

shoulder tattoos for girls words idea

Words or phrases are favorable ideas for tattoo designs. There are unlimited ideas for female word tattoos such as names of love ones, poem, song lyrics, etc. If you decide to get a word tattoo, things like the color, location, and choice of words should be considered. Shoulder tattoos are the most popular ones as tattooing shoulder is less painful ... Read More »